Professional Wrestlers Addicted and Abusing Substances

Professional wrestlers are powerful, intimidating people, but their weaknesses are not always known to the world. Addiction and substance abuse plague the world of professional wrestling, hurting the personal and professional lives of wrestlers. Pro wrestlers become addicted and substance abusive for a number of reasons, particularly due to bodily pain, performance pressure and high expectations. Some of the most common substance abuse and addiction problems among pro wrestlers are as follows:

  • Performance enhancing drugs such as steroids are very common among athletes. These drugs increase the athlete’s strength and physical ability by giving them more adrenaline and increased muscle mass. They are common among professional wrestlers, major league baseball players and national football league players, despite most of these organizations having rules against them. Unfortunately, they are also highly addictive as the withdrawal symptoms are very undesirable.
  • Prescription drugs are also known to be the source of addiction and substance abuse problems among professional wrestlers. This commonly occurs because a professional wrestler has been put on a type of medication to reduce pain or injury symptoms and they become dependent on them. Pain medication is the most addictive type of prescription medication, and for people whose jobs put them at risk of severe injury, the addictive tendencies are even higher.
  • Street drugs also make their way into the world of professional wrestling. Cocaine in particular is popular among pro wrestlers because it is highly adrenaline inducing and gives people stamina. It also gives people a false confidence that leads them to believe they are capable of great feats. Both of these effects are desirable to someone who makes a living on physical strength and power. Cocaine rehab Canada can help address this addiction for many professionals.
  • Alcohol is the final common substance that is abused among pro wrestlers. Anywhere that addiction is found, alcohol is found. It is universally the most addictive substance. It is less common within pro wrestling because the average wrestler seeks uppers rather than downers, but particularly for wrestlers who are struggling with stress or any other mental anguish, alcohol is a favorite.